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Platform Services

  • Supply Chain Services

    Supply Chain Services

    By integrating Manufacturing Execution System, Queuing System, Quality Inspection System, Warehouse Management System and Transportation Management System and other system resources, enabling the full process scheduling and supervision of order data. Covering from ordering production to transportation weighing, and to quality inspection and storage. This improved the production efficiency of both upstream and downstream enterprises effectively.

  • Logistic Services

    Logistic Services

    IBI Intelligent Logistics collaborates closely with large-scale logistics transportation to achieve efficient transportation planning and resource utilization. We provide convenient and reliable logistics solutions to related customers, ensuring goods are delivered safely and punctual, meeting customer needs.

  • Warehouse Services

    Warehouse Services

    Doodoo Storage Management System uses technologies such as Internet of Things and big data to provide intelligent warehouse management, systematic storage management, and transparent material management for enterprises with multiple warehouses and multiple products. By refining the internal operating processes of the warehouse, it helps large and medium-sized enterprises solve problems such as too many products, chaotic inventory, and low operation efficiency.

  • Cloud Warehouse Services

    Cloud Warehouse Services

    To meet the needs of intelligent production and safety warning, IBI based on the production scene of the factory, has created a number of digital products, including order scheduling, process analysis, smart park, quality inspection management, personal positioning, double prevention system, energy management, to help the factory achieve digital upgrading.

  • Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing

    Enterprise digital marketing center, committed to the enterprise private domain marketing system. Based on self-developed digital marketing center, one-stop integrated marketing services, and full-link customer operation data analysis, we provide integrated, efficient and convenient digital marketing solutions for multi-industry customers.

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