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Trade Service for SUPPLIER

Boododo's Services will promote suppliers' saler!

Buyer Credit Investigation

Tremendous opportunities you will get when you trust Echemi!

Boododo can provide the global buyers’ Credit Investigation Report by uniting with Sinosure for suppliers. This service can help suppliers get insight into buyers’ credit status and operational risks. Suppliers can avoid the potential trade risks.

Supplier Member Service

Focus on chemical trading all the time!

The Supplier Member Service concentrates information, finding buyers, trading and services on the platform. Supplier member can enjoy 12 rights, which can offer suppliers deep chemical marketing solutions and help suppliers expand the global market.

Accurate Inquiry

Gain more businesses from RFQ !

RFQ(Request For Quotation), posted by buyers via Huesanto or entrusted Huesanto, will be reviewed and screened twice before send to suppliers. Huesanto will perfect the review mechanism continuously and provide better inquiries and accurate procurement requirement to suppliers.

Huesanto Integrated Service for Foreign Trade

No obstacles in your foreign trade business when you know Huesanto products well!

The Integrated Service will make foreign trade safer and more convenient.

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