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Trade Service for BUYER

Boododo ’s Services will help buyers’ purchasing

Supplier Credit Investigation

Sufficient information is the basis of trust, and the trust is the beginning of good cooperation.

Service Introduction: Boododo , Sinosure and other famous credit bureaus provide Credit Investigation Report of Chinese suppliers to global buyers. The report includes suppliers' established date, registered capital, turnover, profits, etc. This service can help buyers know the suppliers' situation and realize better cooperation.

Factory Inspection

Only a few minutes need to know the real factory situation from here!

Boododo can provide Factory Inspection Report of suppliers' factories with the support from Chinese famous credit bureaus. The report can include situations of factory, production lines, filling lines, warehouse, etc. Moreover, photos and video materials can be provided. Buyers can know Chinese factories well without need to make field trips.

Agent Purchasing Service

Stop worrying about the unfamiliar Chinese chemicals. Please entrust Echemi!

With more than ten years' chemical industry and foreign trade experience and rich supplier resources, Boododo can provide professional Agent Purchasing Service. This service can help buyers know China's chemical market and solve complicated export procedure, such as logistics, commodity inspection, etc. Moreover, Boododo provides the best supply chain solution with Internet technology. Global buyers need not set offices in China and they can purchase goods from China rapidly and conveniently.

Report Service

Know China's chemical market from Echemi platform!

Based on the years of chemical experience and rich suppliers resources, Boododo provides Price Trend Service to buyers. This service include weekly prices, operation status of suppliers, price changes, etc. Moreover, weekly report, monthly report, semi-annual report, annual report and customized reports can be provided. This service can help global buyers know the Chinese chemical market well and seize the best opportunity to make purchasing.

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